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Millions of turnover
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Le Nappage, a French eco-responsible company

Settled in the heart of the Vosges forest, Le Nappage has been involved in an environmental and social approach since its creation.

Responsible processes :

  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Use of water-based ink
  • Recycling of industrial process waters by ultrafiltration
  • Sorting and recycling of the industrial waste
  • Reduction of packaging with Eco-design
  • Selection of our suppliers according to their environmental commitment (eg: paper from wood stemming from managed forests)


European Ecolabel

Le Nappage obtained the Ecolabel certification for some of its micro-embossed paper napkins. This European ecological label garanties high standards for our products and services to limit negative environmental and health impacts.



FSC® Label
Le Nappage got involved in the FSC® process and obtained the certification for its French factories (Licence c138485). This label allows us to offer certified FSC® napkins, plates and tablecloths.

The FSC® label certified that most of the wood, used in products raw material, comes from sustainaibly managed forests. It garantees protection of biodiversity, waterways and soils. Moreover, it ensures respects of workers, local and native people. To Finish, it makes sure the forest is economicaly viable.



Our products are made of celullose fibers which are naturally biodegradable in a few months.



Industrial OK Compost
Some of our products ( Airlaid and pure wood pulp cardboard) are also certified Ok Compost Industrial. This label garantees that those products are biodegradables in an industrial composting facilities.


Le Nappage, social values

Our permanent concerns, towards women and men who are part of our company, are about :

  • Developing human and intellectual resources,
  • Favouring the best working conditions,
  • Amplifying the interest of the collaborators,
  • Promoting the internal communication,
  • Training to new techniques of production and organization.

Our history

1945 Development of the company

Le Nappage Moderne was founded in Lille

1972 Le Nappage Moderne in the Vosges

The company moved to the Vosges, an area with a tradition of papermaking.

2002 Granges-sur-Vologne

New factory in Granges-sur-Vologne : development of marketing to the general public.

2006 Renaming

Le Nappage Moderne becomes LE NAPPAGE.

2008-2011 Development continues

Development of napkin production capacity (workshop enlargement of more than 6000 m2 to better serve the market with our own brands and distributors’ labels (private label).

2011 The company is owned by its executives.

Share capital has been detained for 70% of managers and 30% of FSI Régions and Val Capital

2013 Le Nappage In Italiy

Creation of production subsidiary and distribution in Italy " Le Nappage Italia " in the city of ALA

2015 Factory expansion Factory expansion

Expansion of the workshop of more than 3000 m2 to create an efficient production tool to support the development of Le Nappage

2016 Le Nappage in Spain

Creation and launch of a distribution subsidiary in Spain : "Le Nappage Iberica".

2016 Acquisition of SCA France tableware business

Acquisition of the French Tableware section from the Swedish group SCA, located in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine Maritime, France). Thus, Le Nappage created SODIPAN TABLE, specialised in the manufacture of cardboard plates and paper napkins. Le Nappage kept employees from the production site, rising its total workforce from 140 to 200 employees, and its turnover to nearly 50 million Euros.