Decoration ideas

The Nifty 3 IN 1!

Le Nappage offers the Reception 3 in 1 runner in 13 different colours.

Placemat or table runner, pre-cut every 30 cm, this disposable paper product from Le Nappage is suitable for every occasion and allows you to transform your table settings according to your wishes.

On a daily basis, use Le Nappage 3 in 1 runner at placemat size and bring a touch of colour to your family meals, ending the chore of washing plastic or fabric placemats. Enjoy a nice table everyday, practical, economical and environmentally friendly.

For your romantic dinner, the Le Nappage 3 in 1 runner can be cut to suit a romantic tete a tete. Impress friends and transform your meal by using it as a table runner.

Do it yourself

In these pages, we offer simple and easy ideas to decorate and customize your tables to your own themes or the seasons, to create tables in your own style.

Picnic Time!

Holiday Breeze

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Easter is here!

Tuto Origami table runner