Le Nappage : your true partner in sustainable development

Why our products made of paper are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable development ?

  • Our product are made from fiber 100% vegetal fiber and of stemming paper pulps issued, for the main part from wood of eco managed forests and european origin. These forests contribute effectively to the air quality by absorbing the CO2 and are in development on our European territories since several decades
  • Therefore, our raw material are for almost totally renewable and recyclable and /or recycled and biodegradable.
  • The origin of our raw material and the manufacturing of our products in the closest to their market (in France and Italy) reduce considerably greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, while guaranteeing local jobs, participating thereby in the social and economic role of our company on its territories of consumption


The environmental pillar

Environmental actions are daily committed and followed.

  • Use of recyclable and renewable materials,
  • Use of water ink,
  • Recycling of industrial process waters by ultrafiltration
  • Sorting and recovery of industrial waste with treatment,
  • Eco-design and reduction of packagings.

By these actions, Le Nappage holds authorizations of exploitation which guarantee that our sites are in accordance with the last environmetal and industrial safety standards.
All our products are in accordance with the last Franch and European standards regarding use and regarding food contact ( EN1935/2004) checked regardly by independent laboratories at the iniative of Le Nappage and/or at the request of our distributors.

Le Nappage carried out an exhaustive carbon assessment by a person receiving benefits certified by the ADEME. An action plan has been set up to reduce permanently greenhouse gas emissions.
Le Nappage contributes to Eco-packaging.


Our Environmental certifications

European Ecolabel
In 2011 Le Nappage obtained the certification Ecolabel for its range of “trendy” napkins. This European ecological label distinguishes after long audits and the implementation of the most environment-friendly rigorous process, products and companies



Label FSC®
Le Nappage launched in the process FSC® and obtained after audit, the certification for its French factories in 2017 (Licence C138485). This label allows us to propose certified napkins towels FSC® at first, then tablecloths and plates.




OK Compost
Certains de nos produits (airlaid/voie sèche) en plus d’être biodégradables sont certifiés Ok Compost.


The social pillar

The French company, Le Nappage makes and distributes its products in the closest to the places of consumption. We transform most of our marketed products in our own factories in France and in Italy resting on strong values:

  • Developping human and intellectual resources.
  • Favoring good working conditions,
  • Arousing the interest of its collaborators.
  • Training permanently in new techniques of manufacturing and organization.
  • Communicate regularly in-house of the evolution of our market and its needs.


Know-how, skills and implication of the collaborators ensure us a high quality level of our products and our services. This contributed to getting ISO certification 9001 in 2001.





The economic pillar

Le Nappage invests regularly in its production tools, new machines, enlargement of premises, so as to follow the demand in term of capacity, costs and quality. Its level of profitability lets it guarantee its development with a level of mastered debts and propose customers secure supplies.

Le Nappage, your environment-friendly French supplier.