Fruitful Nature

Inspired by nature, this uplifting and fruity trend offers a range of very varied and contrasting colours to create dynamic ambiences. In our range of paper napkins and tablecloths, you will discover the possibility of creating the most inventive colour combinations to enhance your culinary daring.

Vintage design

The traditional, revisited in vintage style. This trend can be found in old-fashioned bistros or country restaurants with classic colours in bold combinations. Our air-laid tablecloths and napkins in classic colours may be decorated with touches of more contemporary colours for your menu of traditional dishes with a new twist.

The cosy lounge

This very cocooning trend is inspired by English bars where people like to chat after work over a drink. Their weathered leather and varnished woodwork form, with their different shades of brown, the basis of the decorations that will be enhanced with burgundy or English green, occasionally lifted by an orange or turquoise for a warm and refined cuisine.