Of all the qualities
colour is the one of which it is most difficult to speak – Aristotle

The harmonies

Colour Analogy

Color analogies, or “Camaïeux” in French, are monochrome colour combinations in gradients of the same tone. The choice of base colour reflects the theme of your table according to the symbolism of that colour. A blue shade brings serenity; associated images are the sky, the sea and infinity while a shade of red or pink suggests emotions of passion and glamour. Green shades symbolize nature.
You are free to combine different colour values, choosing tablecloth, napkins, placemats and table runners to compose a table setting in your own style.


The harmonies


The principle is to combine cool and hot colours or the complementary colours of the chromatic circle:




To soften the contrast, you can choose different values ​​for each colour; for example, a bright orange combined with a light blue or red with a light green. The dominant colour of the tablecloth will set the tone of your table. Choosing a white tablecloth will strengthen the effect of brightly coloured napkins and placemats or vice versa.


The harmonies


This time, you can blend additional colours by adding a neutral colour (gray, beige or taupe) that softens the contrasts while being influenced by surrounding colours. For example, orange or dark blue napkins and placemats on a gray table cloth.

You can also reverse the contrasts, mixing and changing harmonies: napkins/plates or placemats/ plates on the one table. Unleash your creativity and surprise your guests !


The harmonies


These are the most complex to achieve but, by using very different shades, it is possible to achieve highly refined associations, either stimulating or relaxing. In this case it is better to use light colours for large surfaces (tablecloths and table runners) and provide a contrast with napkins or plates in more vibrant colours.

These colourful table settings will add cheerfulness and fantasy to meals with friends or birthdays.


Optical Illusions

As we have illustrated, it is important to consider the surface, and therefore the product that you will associate with each colour. A table setting consisting of white placemats on a black tablecloth and a ​​table created with black placemats and napkins on a white tablecloth will be perceived differently.

Similarly, a table dressed with orange plates on a dark blue cloth (high contrast) will not have the same effect at all as with a light blue tablecloth, which is much “softer”.

Finally, simply match colours to suit your tastes, your current preferences, or your menus. Feel free to take into account the tastes of your guests, family or friends, to surprise them and transform your meals into exceptional moments. The scope of our colour chart in our various ranges – napkins, cardboard or plastic plates, tablecloths and 3 in 1 table runners – allows you to create many sets, always different.